Terms and Conditions

Membership conditions

By registering to join the MindMover Connect panel and connecting to www.mindmover.co.uk you confirm that;

  • You live in the United Kingdom.
  • You will respect the following general conditions set by MindMover Connect. MindMover Connect is free to modify these terms and conditions at any time, and the most up to date version can be viewed at any time on the site.
  • You confirm that you have read these general conditions and MindMover’s Connect privacy policy (Here you can see how we handle your information, how we use it and what your rights are among other things. This can be found here) and declare that you accept them unreservedly.

Please note that:

  • Membership of the panel is free.
  • Membership is personal to you, and is not transferable.
  • You may join the panel once. MindMover Connect reserves the right to refuse any membership application.
  • MindMover Connect shall not be liable for any losses, costs or expenses.

Participants' membership is subject to MindMover Connect receiving the full registration questionnaire, completed by the participant online.

Should there be any doubts; any confirmed or suspected fraud, there shall be grounds for automatic termination of the participant's membership.

These conditions will come into effect with the participant's acceptance into the MindMover Connect Panel.

Participant account

When registering to the panel, you will be asked to select your Username and Password, which are strictly personal.

As a participant, you are responsible for keeping your password and username secret.

The MindMover Connect site allows you to change your password if you wish.

If you forget your password, you can request a password reminder to be sent to your email account by entering the email address registered to the panel.

Your e-mail address

When registering, you will be asked to provide an updated or regularly used e-mail address at which you can be contacted. The site allows you to freely change this address.

The latest address entered by you will be the one used by MindMover Connect to contact you and to invite you to participate in surveys.

You alone are responsible for updating the e-mail address at which you can be contacted. MindMover Connect may not be held liable for failures to forward questionnaires because addresses were missing or incorrect.

Email addresses are assigned automatically as participants' usernames.

A confirmation email including your email address and password will be sent to your email account after you register. MindMover Connect strongly advises all participants to save these details in a secure place.

The panel, the Points Programme and the information, products and services found on the website are subject to change at any time, without notice or liability.

Members who have forgotten their password can either request their password to be sent to them by visiting the web site or emailing MindMover Connect using the contact details below.


The participant shall not register more than once on the MindMover Connect panel and accepts that multiple registrations on the MindMover Connect Panel will lead to membership termination.

Participants who have agreed to take part in online surveys will be informed via email.

Participants can log into the MindMover Connect site and update any personal information previously entered when registering. MindMover Connect reserves the right to check such updates.

Termination conditions

Participants may terminate their own membership at any time by logging on to the site and selecting "Cancel Account". Membership can also be terminated using the unsubscribe link included in all emails sent by MindMover Connect.

After ending his/her membership, the participant forfeits the right to payment of his/her survey incentives. The user should therefore ensure that their final payment is requested before membership is cancelled. Payment of sums corresponding to less than the minimum exchangeable number of points cannot, even in the case of a membership cancellation, be made.

The participant must keep their account active by logging in and completing a survey at at least once every six months. If a participant does not log in or take part in a survey over the course of a six month period, despite being sent survey invitations, MindMover Connect will assume this participant is no longer active. The participant's account balance will, in such cases, be set back to zero.

Conduct of Participants

MindMover Connect is committed to being upfront and honest in all its dealings with members, and will always pay members for their honest participation in surveys. Registered members must agree to take sole responsibility for their conduct when using the MindMover Connect website and we will not tolerate:

  • The communication of material that is sexually explicit, immoral, dishonest, or of an illegal nature.
  • The transmission in any form of a programme or file which is capable of interrupting, destroying, or limiting the capabilities of the website, server, connected networks or other users' computers.
  • The transmission of content for commercial reasons, including any advertising or promotional materials.
  • Attempts to register more than one account per person.
  • Unacceptable, offensive or antisocial behaviour in discussions, communications or surveys.

MindMover Connect reserves the right to terminate the accounts of any members who are suspected of any of the following activities:

  • Holding multiple accounts.
  • Falsifying registration information.
  • Providing false or dishonest information in surveys.
  • Fraud or fraudulent behaviour.
  • Allowing surveys to be answered on your behalf (unless the survey has requested you to do so).
  • Unacceptable, offensive, disruptive or antisocial behaviour in discussions, communications or surveys.
  • Non abidance of MindMover’s Connect general terms and conditions.

Should there be any doubts; any confirmed or suspected fraud or breaking of membership terms, there shall be grounds for automatic termination of the participant's membership.

In most cases, MindMover Connect will warn members via email prior to account termination. However MindMover Connect reserves the right to automatically terminate accounts if we consider it reasonable to do so.

Any incentives accumulated at the point of account termination will be rendered void. While Members can appeal to have their accounts reinstated, MindMover’s Connect ultimate decision is final.

MindMover Connect also reserves the right to penalise points for individual surveys if the member is suspected of providing false or dishonest information in that survey.


In return for their sincere, active and honest participation in each survey, MindMover Connect panel members will accumulate points which can later be converted into money.

Once you've earned 2,000 points (£20) or more, you can redeem your points for money via a voucher. Redemption of points below this level is not permitted.

As of July 11th 2023, you can now redeem/ convert your points into vouchers as many times as you like per month!

We advise that you do this as quickly as possible after achieving the threshold. This is because once you go over £20, you will have just 12 calendar months to redeem these 2,000 points before they expire. Expired points cannot be exchanged for money via a voucher.

Please rest assured that your points will NOT expire if you haven't reached the 2,000 points threshold.

Participants can only receive points on completion of a survey. No points will be awarded if the participant has been screened out of a survey.

For security reasons, we will ask you to confirm your account details and we may ask for proof of identity before releasing payment.

MindMover Connect panel members may also be invited to take part in additional prize draws or promotions run by MindMover Connect. The terms of these prize draws will be communicated to panel members at such time as any draws take place.

Prize draw entries may also be awarded for completing Preferred Panellist Questionnaires, and on other occasions at the discretion of MindMover Connect. Where prize draw entries are advertised as rewards for completing a survey, the participant will receive these entries regardless of whether they are screened out of the survey.

Participation in surveys

The number of surveys to which we invite each participant depends on the user profiles they complete.

The member has no right to a minimum number of survey invitations.

The member commits him/herself to giving reasonable and accurate answers in all surveys.


The MindMover Connect trademark is owned by QuMind. You hereby undertake to respect the property rights held by the firm, QuMind, and any third party.

Modification of Conditions

QuMind reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions. Any modifications to these Terms & Conditions will be communicated by MindMover to the email address provided by the participant. MindMover cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of any notification email. By reconnecting to the website or services of MindMover Connect, the participant recognises that he or she accepts the general conditions as modified.

QuMind Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 020 3176 0729
Email: comments@mindmover.co.uk

QuMind’s appointed Data Protection officer:
Mark Ursell
Email: mark.ursell@QuMind.co.uk

Registered in England No: 3853602
VAT No: 756 7490 86

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