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Whether it's chatting about your favourite breakfast cereals with a friend, ranting with colleagues about the public transport in this country or comparing notes with your neighbour about lawnmowers, it's great to share opinions with other people. Often we may say that we've 'put the world to rights'. But how often do these conversations really help to change and improve our world?

However, when you join MindMover Connect, sharing your views actually can make things happen. Because here you'll find yourself talking directly to the people behind the big brands we all buy from. They come to MindMover Connect because they truly want to find out how you feel about what they do. And they will act on the answers you give to their questions.

And the best news is that you'll be rewarded for your feedback! For every survey you complete on MindMover Connect you'll earn points which you can redeem for cash payment. Plus you'll have the chance to enter our exciting free prize draws.

Our clients include brands like Sainsbury and many more. This is your chance to tell them what you love and what you hate about them. Join MindMover Connect now and move their minds!

Did you know?

Over a quarter (28%) of MindMover panellists in a recent poll said it's not possible to function without the internet!
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Within just two hours of joining MindMover Connect you'll be able to start taking part in online surveys and earning instant points.
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