Prizes and Rewards

Your opinions are extremely important to us, and we very much appreciate the time you spend sharing your views and completing surveys on MindMover Connect.

Earn money every time you complete a survey

Every time you fully complete a survey on MindMover Connect, we'll automatically credit your account with points. The number of points per survey varies (we'll tell you how many points you can earn from each survey when we invite you to take part).

Surveys are usually worth between 50 - 1,000 points, and each point is worth one penny. This means the cash value of the reward for completing a survey can vary from 50p to £10.

Once you’ve earned 2,000 points (£20) or more, you can redeem your 2,000 points for money via PayPal or as an Amazon voucher. We advise that you do this as quickly as possible after achieving the threshold. This is because once you go over £20, you will have just 12 calendar months to redeem these 2000 points before they expire. Expired points cannot be exchanged for money via PayPal or an Amazon voucher.

Please rest assured that your points will NOT expire if you haven't reached the 2,000 points threshold

During any 30 days period (for example March 29th to April 27th) a panel member can redeem a maximum of £20 only in that period. Therefore if you have £40 in your account, you`ll need to redeem £20 one month, then redeem another £20 the next month etc.

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Over a quarter (28%) of MindMover panellists in a recent poll said it's not possible to function without the internet!
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